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About Us

In 1984, the C.M. Kitchens Construction Company was incorporated in the state of Georgia. We set out with one goal: to provide a more focused and conscientious construction approach for our clients on commercial and industrial projects.

The singular desire to provide a quality finished product on schedule without sacrificing quality was the driving force, the impetus, behind our early success. The same common ideal that drives us today.

In the same year Peachtree Interior Builders, LTD was formed to concentrate exclusively on interior construction and building renovation services with the same intense focus. To streamline our organization and increase our efficiency C.M. Kitchens Construction merged with and dropped the Peachtree Interior Builders name.

Now one company with the combined skills, diversity, and experience of two separate companies. The added ability to perform a myriad of specialized tasks under the same corporate umbrella made us a much more highly efficient and cohesive organization.

To put it simply, with C.M. Kitchens Construction you get two companies and their specialized skills for the price of one. A win-win situation for both client and contractor.


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